At Hope Valley, our main values include: Connecting, Growing, Praying, and Serving.

Youth - Helping youth in our community to reach their full potential and to become a positive influence among their peers. Helping youth connect with God through different events & ministries throughout the year (C.R.O.S.S. Town Kids children's ministry, HVCC Youth Group, CEF Good News Camp, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Good News Clubs, "Life Hurts, God Heals", Counseling programs, Bondage Breaker youth edition, Every Young Man’s Battle, Redeeming Love Ministries and Community Service Programs)

Celebrate Recovery Program - This program is not just for those in drug or alcohol recovery but can help people going through divorce, grief support, eating disorders, dysfunctional families, co-dependency, depression and many other struggles. The program is available at multiple locations within 15-20 minutes from Upper Perk Valley on most nights of the week. To learn more about the program go to to get info. On local meetings call at 215.541.4888.

Substance Abuse - Helping people find hope, that struggle with drug & alcohol addictions through Shepherd's Call Recovery Ministries. Call 215.541.4888 or visit

Serving - Serving needy families through a food pantry & CARE ministry, counseling, Community Service program, the Valley Thrift Store, Shepherds Call Recovery Ministries, Justice Goodwin To Save A Life Project, networking with churches through a regional prayer network, Laurel House (domestic violence), Open Line  and the Upper Perk Ministerial.

Praying - Prayer ministries at Hope Valley and the Upper Perk Prayer Evangelism Network (UPPEN) network, and Adopt a Street

Growing - Biblical messages, bible teaching, bible studies, small groups, Life Transformation Groups (LTG), Celebrate Recovery Ministries

Connecting - Connecting people to God and to church. (Giving families in the community who have given up on church or God an authentic and heart felt church experience).