What kind of church is this?
Hope valley Community Church (HVCC), is a non-denominational, evangelical, and spirit-led church that's led by leaders from within its own church, not an outside denominational office or headquarters. HVCC was started through the support of the evangelical churches nationwide called, "Grace Brethren.".  This fellowship of churches has a college and seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana known as Grace College and Grace Seminary

Who's in charge here?
It may seem like Senior Pastor Peter Smith is the only one running things at Hope Valley. The truth is there are elders, ministry leaders, and volunteers who serve and lead the church with Peter. Check out the staff page to learn more about our ministry staff.

Does HVCC offer counseling services?
If you have a struggle that you'd like to discuss, contact the church office at 215.541.4888.  

Are the church's facilities available to use for private events?
Based on availability, private events may be held at HVCC.  Contact Tami Bartholomew at hopevalleychurch@comcast.net or 215.541.4888 to discuss event details.

I have questions about giving to HVCC. Who do I contact?
Questions pertaining to giving or church finances should be directed to Tami Bartholomew at hopevalleychurch@comcast.net or 215.541.4888.

Being at HVCC on Sunday morning is great! Are there other ways I can connect with people?
The best ways to connect with others outside Sunday services are in classes, groups and on volunteer teams. Groups go beyond Sunday, providing a place to connect with others, to build community and to grow spiritually. Volunteer teams make Sunday mornings and other events happen. Some want connections; others want to give back. Whatever the reasons for serving, most find they are impacted in ways they didn't expect. Friendships are formed, people are served and needs are met.