Children's Ministry


Our quality infant & toddler nursery is staffed with loving people. The service we provide is only available for children 3 or younger.

Cross Town Kids:

Children are invited to join CrossTown Kids during the service. Lessons include stories, crafts, games, snacks, and more! They are led by Teachers who are approved by the church leadership team.

How does it work on Sunday mornings?

The children begin their morning in the Sanctuary with their parents for a time of combined worship. Then the children are dismissed to the Fellowship Hall for a continued time of worship & sharing about how God has been working in their lives.

What's the goal of Cross Town Kids? 

The teachers spend their time with the kids doing a variety of activities. Activities can include: games, crafts, skits, stories, Bible reading, and prayer & share time. The main goal is to try and build relationships with the kids over time, to help them learn about God with experiences that they can relate to.

Do we do other things with the kids during the year?

Sometimes we organize service projects (or "outreach events") and encourage the kids to participate. In the past, they've had a lot of fun serving their friends and others in the community.

Sometimes we plan for special events, like singing at the Christmas Eve or Easter church services.

We also encourage the children to learn Bible verses. Recognition is given at the end of the quarter for those children who've made an effort to do this.

How are the classes organized?

Your child will be placed based on his/her grade in school at the beginning of September in one of the four classes. There are four levels classes that the kids will change after each September (not with a birthday).

1.)  Nursery

2.) Preschool

3.) Elementary

4.) Jr. High 7th - 10th grade

Can I stay with my child during C.R.O.S.S. Town Kids?

Absolutely! Visiting parents are welcomed to stay with their child, especially if this will help the child feel more at ease. However, you do not have to stay, and we can come and get you if a problem develops.