Adopt A Street

How To Pray For Your Street

The streets of Upper Perk are its lifelines. When the streets of Upper Perk experience peace, then the valley will enjoy: growing churches, strong families, healthy neighborhoods, personal safety and economic prosperity. When you adopt a street you touch a family, a single mom and her kids, teenagers, workers and all who need a touch of God in their lives. Adopt one or more of the over 600 streets in the Upper Perk region or ask to be assigned to a street. (Help us reach the goal of 100% percent of the streets adopted. Approximately 20% of the streets have been adopted. Prayer captains have been assigned to oversee most Upper Perk zipcodes.) Then pray regularly for God's blessing, healing and transformation for your adopted street and its people.

Daily pray these 4 things for your street (4 action steps from Luke 10).

  1. Bless and Pray (Blessing)
  2. ​Fellowship (Connecting)
  3. Minister God's Love (Caring)
  4. Proclaim the Kingdom (Sharing)
  • Bless and Pray - Pray for God to bless all families, businesses and those who travel on that street. Pray for God to bless each person, each family, each marriage and each child with God's peace. Pray that a spirit of hopelessness would be replaced with a spirit of hope. Pray for safety and for physical health. Pray for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Pray for all forms of systemic poverty to be removed in Upper Perk.

  • Fellowship - Pray for God to bring divine opportunities to connect with the people who live and work on that street.

  • Minister God's Love - Pray for divine opportunities to show God's love and care to those who live, work and play on that street.

  • Proclaim the Kingdom - Pray that God would open doors for people to share the Good News of the hope of Jesus Christ with those on your street. Pray that God's kingdom would come to each street.​